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Tuesday Tuesday TMI day!


You know what time it is, ask away.

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When I met you,
flowers started growing
in the darkest parts of my mind

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matriarchoffire sent: ➒ a letter meant to be read only once my character is dead. I'm sending this to pretty much everyone I RP with.

Dear Adrya,

If you are reading this, then I have died in battle or by some other means not done in combat. I wrote this a few months ago just in case something would ever happen to me and I wanted to write it to you to just get my thoughts on paper.

You and I have been at odds since our separation with our personal lives and I had never wanted that. We hurt each other in our own ways and I had never wanted to cause you more grief than the time you spent with me married since I could see it in your eyes when you thought it wasn’t visible. It made me happy to see you happy after everything was said and done; its all I ever wanted you to be.

You may not miss me or even mourn my passing or even finish this letter but I hope you continue to live your life to the utmost and continue to be happy.

Continue to keep my memory alive for our children since they are my world and I want to be kept fondly in their hearts and minds.. And if you do ever think of me, think of me back to when we first met and not what ever I became to you in the future.


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Send me a ✐ and my character will write yours…



Using a random number generator:

➊ an everyday note
➋ a happy birthday card
➌ a “dear john” letter
➍ a “please remember to…” note
➎ a confession
➏ a “morning after” letter
➐ a love poem
➑ a goodbye letter
➒ a letter meant to be read only once my character is dead
➓ a message asking for something

I’ll do these for any of my characters, though Adrya will probably do them if unspecified.

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verusirae sent: "I don’t think I ever loved you." (DO THE FEELS)

(I didn’t even reblog the prompt stuff BUT I’LL TAKE IT, DAMN IT)

She had warned him. This woman had warned him that she’d hurt him and not feel guilty about it and that the only person she’d never hurt is her son. He believed her, of course but to have it actually happen? Adionus did not expect it nor did he realize how painful it’d be.

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nixalegos sent: Adionus's favorite cafe in Silvermoon?

There is one he likes to go to that makes lynx meat sandwiches he’s fond of in the Exchange. He goes there every now and then by himself or with his children when he wants to treat them a bit since they like the ice cream there as well. He’s probably gone there a few times with Altherien but majority of the time its either himself or his children.

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matriarchoffire sent: Where does Gleneth rest? Does he feel the need to rest at all?

It’s kind of up in the air about whether or not Forsaken do indeed need to sleep like everyone else but I like to think that they only sleep every now and then to not be drained fully.

In this case, Gleneth does sleep every now and then to ‘recharge the batteries’ while the rest of the time he pretends to sleep by lying down in his coffin. As for where he rests, while not on missions, he has a small little apartment place in Undercity (I like to think they have housing somewhere under there even if its not shown) with a big coffin to fit two with the second person being his wife who’d rest there.

When out on missions since he’s a Deathstalker, he can stay perfectly still in hollowed out trees or in foliage to wait for pray and can do this for a few days stretch.

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Mundane Monday


Likes, reblogs, and questions about really mundane shit my character does will earn mundane questions in return. I really enjoyed making the rounds Tuesday, so I’ll do it again.

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Ask Stories

There are a lot in my inbox from prompts and such and I totally haven’t forgotten then! I just haven’t been in a very writing mood due to school stress and other things. I’ll totally do them when I’m more creative and not bogged down by stuff.

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I really like this art of Hexxus. I like to imagine if Nix were to ever really let himself off the chain morally and ethically, this is what full burning embers looks like.

So, this?

Sorry. I laughed way too hard. More so because watching that video made my brain give Nixalegos Tim Curry’s voice. Now all I’m seeing in him dressed like Dr. Frank N. Furter.

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