This is primarily an in-character blog for the World of Warcraft character Adionus Sunbreaker (Moon Guard-US). It may also have other things relating to my other characters of import at times as well. This blog contains NSFW posts and I tag any that may be such.
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highvelocityobject sent: ★★★★★ !

-Adionus likes women who are a bit shorter than him. Not that he doesn’t mind tall women but he enjoys being able to pick up his lady.

-Adionus has a fear of drowning by his armor holding him down.

-Adionus used to tinker years ago early in his marriage but stopped until early this year. He has built a few gifts for people with the skill.

-Adionus likes dark hair but due to the majority of the women he has been with he has a fondness for platinum/grey-like hair color on women.

-Adionus does not like onions or at least too much onion.

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dregtalstormblast sent:

-Adionus’ favorite food is pasta. He’ll usually make it as the go to meal as he enjoys it and his twin girls enjoy it too.

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For every “★” I get, I will post a fact about my character.

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Reblog if you have a scar with a story behind it.


I do, both IC and IRL.

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outrageandrust sent: 28. Are they afraid of death? Do they have any regrets?

Adionus is slightly fearful of death because he’d probably think he could have done more with his life and spent more time with his children.

Gleneth does not fear it. He’s already Forsaken and whenever he finds the true death he’ll be happy.

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vilysia sent: 12, 22.

5 unusual characteristics your muse has.

-Maybe not too unusual but Adionus has a lot of scars.

-He tends to get down on himself about past problems he has faced.

-He has a beauty mark on the middle of his lower back.

-A bit hard to notice at first but his right ear is slightly smaller than his left but it is very hard to notice at a glance.

-He likes cinnamon on his hot chocolate.

Does your character trust people right off the bat or  does it take them some time to warm up to someone?

He’s fairly easy to trust people but due to stuff in his recent life he tends to hold back some.

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matriarchoffire sent: Can they multi-task or must they focus on one subject at a time?

Adionus has tried to multi-task before with paperwork but it doesn’t work very well for him and he gets frustrated with it easily. In household chores he can manage multi-tasking a bit better.

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30 Uncommon Character Development Questions ( send me a number )


  1. What position does your character sleep in? ( i.e; stomach, side, back, etc. ) Describe why they do this — optional.
  2. Does your character have any noteworthy features? Freckles? Dimples? A scar somewhere unusual? etc.
  3. Does your character have an accent? What does it sound…
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