This is primarily an in-character blog for the World of Warcraft character Adionus Sunbreaker (Moon Guard-US). It may also have other things relating to my other characters of import at times as well. This blog contains NSFW posts and I tag any that may be such.

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While I say that I am comfortable, I do respect those that do not rp NSFW, and will totes respect you!

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Only if my characters are in a for reals relationship with another character (not counting made up NPCs) and it makes sense to the plot and if everyone is comfortable doing the thing.

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Another shameless plug for my OOC/personal blog scopedandropped.tumblr which has my more random stuff as well as my Wildstar-only sideblog adinexus. Follow those if you have interest in either!

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nixalegos sent: Does Adionus own any paraphernalia used in the bedroom? And if so, what?

I’m going to assume paraphernalia in this case is like, lotions/creams or handcuffs and whips or other things of the nature for more ‘adventurous’ goes in the bedroom.

He doesn’t really own a -thing- per se but he has things around the house that could serve as bindings (ie towels, spare pieces of ropes) if the occasion caused for such. He doesn’t feel comfortable owning an actual thing as he lives with his children and he’d be mortified if they found something questionable by happenstance if they came into his room and found anything.

He does have a lotion for lubrication (if needed) in a locked drawer of his bedside table if his lady isn’t ‘ready ready’ yet to make things easier.

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It’s Sexual Sunday! Ask my character about their sex life! (Ex: kinks, position, etc.)




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I’m never quite sure if I really wanna go here.

But. OK.

(Asks, prompts, etc, all accepted. Anon always on.)

It is that day again.

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