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I really like this art of Hexxus. I like to imagine if Nix were to ever really let himself off the chain morally and ethically, this is what full burning embers looks like.

So, this?

Sorry. I laughed way too hard. More so because watching that video made my brain give Nixalegos Tim Curry’s voice. Now all I’m seeing in him dressed like Dr. Frank N. Furter.

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exitpursuedbybears sent: SECOND OF ALL HOW DARE YOU AS WELL


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matriarchoffire sent: Adrya reveals that she had cheated on Adionus during the Siege of Orgrimmar, and Vala is in fact Aheon's daughter. (Traumatic Thursday)

He visited his children whenever he was picking up the twins or Ayaka every time he went to the estate. First he’d see Vehirion and play with the boy for a few moments, the boy now getting a bit more playful with his father after the divorce when he was confused by all the change in his life. Adionus knew his son was still very young but those times when he came and the boy acted like he didn’t even know his father was very hard on Adi.

Once playtime with his son was over, he went to Vala’s room and more often than not she was sleeping peacefully when he came into her room. He didn’t disturb her when this was the case and merely looked in at her from the edge of the crib. She looked exactly like Adrya and Adi often thought about how he could have had no presence in bringing her into the world and Adrya just magically had her from her body. So little of him was in her…

He felt someone else look in at him and the babe, turning his head to glance around to see Adrya in the room towards the door. Not that odd; wherever Vala was it was not a stretch to think Adrya was not that far away.

"Hello, Adrya." Adionus said as he turned around to face her better.

"Adionus. We have something to discuss," she started out with, folding her arms behind her back as she fixed him with a look. "It’s about Vala."

He looked behind him at the crib, “Yes?”

"She isn’t your daughter."

That caused Adionus to snap his attention back to his ex-wife, shock on his face. “What? That… that can’t be.”

"It can be if Aheon came to visit me a few times in Durotar." said the Blood Mage, still fixing him with the same look she always seemed to give him. One of pure dislike.

Adionus’ jaw worked against his upper one as he turned his head back towards Vala’s crib, his body deflating somewhat in a large sigh he gave out. “Well… at least you got the heir you always wanted,” he said in an even tone.

This seemed to surprise Adrya, a faint change in her appearance before it was wiped away. “You’re  taking this surprisingly well, Adionus.”

He shrugged his shoulders, looking back at her. “Not much I can do or say. Yelling would change nothing, punching walls can’t turn back time. We’d be having problems long before Durotar and I was just having painful optimism thinking we could fix something we both hurt.” He stepped away from the crib and towards the door, “He seems like a nice man. He’ll be a good father.”

Adrya glanced over Adionus for a few seconds before she stepped to the side to let him pass which he did and went to gather up the girls.


Shhhhk… shhhhk

The straight razor slid up from his neck to the right side of his jaw a few times before switching over to the other side of his face.


He continued to shave, taking great care to not slice his skin before carefully keeping his goatee the same shape as always. He hadn’t thought about today’s exchange at the estate all day and pushed it to the back of his mind.

He let out a hiss of pain when the razor nicked him on the chin. He set the razor down and peered into the mirror to see how bad of a cut it was. It wasn’t too deep but a faint trace of blood formed over the cut and he watched the blood start to pool on the cut while he blinked a few times.

Suddenly his eyes started to well up and one lone tear fell from his eyes, a finger reaching up to dab at the blood from the cut. It sat on the finger pad of his finger and he stared at it for the longest time.

A water drop fell onto the blood, melding together with the red liquid. Silently he cried, shoulders shaking faintly as he sank down to the bathroom floor and looked at his fingers.

He wasn’t upset by the declaration from Adrya but was instead upset by the fact he just lost a child.

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Traumatic Thursdays



This is a new tradition we’re looking to start because my RP circle has decided to be terrible fucking people to each other.  So welcome to the New Thursday:

Give me a prompt designed to torture or traumatize my character(s).

I’m still working on Wednesday’s prompts, but what the hell: not like I don’t do awful things to characters anyway!

For any character of mine but someone who isn’t Adi. I have a list of the characters I RP under the side picture on my blog!

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I’ll do asks and thing if you send me some for whatever theme is today! I’ll get to them when I get home.

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There, after many, many, MANY months…
Originally wanted to give it the same animu spin but this…I sorta like this look. :o I’ve also lost count how many times I’ve saved, uploaded, then noticed something was bugging me and had to redo.

Haha, I love this!!! I’m totally saving it for something.
And I like script it’s in. Looks very serious.Like some anime drama that deals with life’s hard questions.

Oh wow, that’s beautiful.
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matriarchoffire sent: What does Adionus consider taboo? Are there any strong reasons why?

Considering the two women he’s been with, he doesn’t really have a taboo against magic not like his own. He understands people have different ways of doing things.

He doesn’t much care for the idea of incest or people that have done it willingly (sexual violence aside as that is something different and people can’t control that). The idea is very gross to him and abhorrent because he’d never even think of such a thing and yet people would willingly sleep with their children, these people they’ve raised and not feel bad about it? Or siblings who think its a good idea. It’s just weird to Adi.

Heavy drinking is something he doesn’t really get either but I wouldn’t consider it ‘a taboo’ for him to think of it as such.

Non-monogamous relationships. He gets people do it and are very happy doing such, but he’s the type of guy who is happy with just one woman and doesn’t need a plethora of them to make him feel better or any more a man.

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deaderafterdark sent: Happy TMI Tuesday! Do your characters have any tattoos or piercings?

Adionus does not have any of either. He thinks the idea of tattoos is interesting, but doesn’t really have anything he’d want to put on his body in a permanent fixture. And no piercings. 

Gleneth had one of his ears pierced when he was alive, but doesn’t adorn the ear with anything in death.

Besides that, none of my other characters are thoroughly fleshed out to say yay or nay for the idea of having a tattoo or piercing.

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exitpursuedbybears sent: Proudest moment?

I’ll do this for Adi: His proudest moment isn’t any political or military gain but the birth of all his children. He had always wanted to be a father and while he was not there for Ayaka’s birth since he did not know Adrya was pregnant, he was present in some way for the rest of the births. He holds his children in such high regard and is so proud of them that if anything were to happen to one or all, he’d be utterly devastated.

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gaytheil sent: Does Adionus care what others think of him?

He does sometimes, yeah. Mostly when its people he cares about or those who he respects a lot and he wants to make a good impression on them and show them he can do something given to him.

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